In an age governed by routine, the consumerism of manufactures and corporations that lead only to illness and emotional exhaustion of oneself. We decided to help each of the people who are in search of their spiritual healing and consequently physical healing.

Our goal is to give you the best knowledge about the spiritual health skills of our ancestors, who in their quest for spiritual growth transmit their knowledge from generation to generation.Now we want to share it with the world, transmit through this medium, activities that lead to a spiritual experience of reuniting oneself and you can improve your quality of life.

We will teach you various activities dedicated to the spiritual experience for your healing in addition to practicing from home, helping you in the first instance and consequently the people around you. We invite you to live this new experience you will see that it is worth.



We have 11 years of experience working with ayahuasca, our ceremonies are real with an authentic spiritual guide and are made in the hotel Altar Inca a beautiful lodge of 5 star located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, this service has the purpose of giving you the Best experience during the ceremony process.


The ceremonies of San Pedro or wachuma (grandfather) are held in the best place in Peru "Altar Inca Temple" a hotel of 5 star located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, this temple is an authentic Inca temple connected in complete harmony nature, this service has the purpose give you the best experience during the process of the ceremony.


Ayahuasca helps you to cure strong traumas from your past, cleanses you of negative energies, helps the treatment of addictions with drugs or alcohol, the ceremonies of ayahuasca cleanse your mind and your being, it lets you know your purpose in this life, without lose in no time the conscience you will be cleansed and enlightened by our mother earth.


San Pedro helps you to find your inner self, open your heart to fill it with an unconditional love, in this way you can love yourself and you can love other people, it opens your mind and achieves a divine spiritual connection with the universe, as a father or grandfather he manages to teach you a unique way of seeing life and loving your fellow human beings.


Here you will find articles based on professional studies on ancestral plants such as ayahuasca, san pedro and others. Our studies aim to make known the truth about these plants and their medicinal functions used to achieve a pure and unique spiritual state.


Our san pedro or wachuma (grandfather) is a plant used in Inca ceremonies since ancient times, in the time of the Incas only the nobility and healers could take this drink considered magic by the Incas, today our san pedro ceremonies are open for Everyone, you only need a purpose for which you want to take it to access this magical plant.

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